So why did we start The Garage Club?

Well The Garage Club just happened! Before we became business partners we were friends with normal jobs and happened to live 15 feet from each other and both have garages which we used as workshops, we are both self confessed tool freaks and became well known in our area for being able to help and assist our elderly neighbours with D.I.Y tasks. After a while our makeshift workshops were altered slightly to accommodate essential items such as a dart board, wifi, TV, heating and seating, turning them into our man caves! And the name The Garage Club was born!

We would spend our spare time here (and some that wasn’t spare) planning our futures inventing things, having a drink (or two!) playing darts and then forgetting them! Until we brought a notepad… YES! A notepad, This is when things got real, we realised that between us we had over 30 years experience in designing, fixing and making things this came from house renovations, customer service, management, general maintenance, groundwork, carpentry and metal work. So now we had a name and an excuse to do more of what we enjoy doing, suddenly the work benches got bigger and the tools got more organised.


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