Collaborative Teamwork
When it comes to web design, teamwork is vital. Our whole team (2!) work in-house (literally in our houses!) and in close proximity to one another (next door!)This collaborative approach results in the smooth running of your project and ensures that you are completely satisfied with the final website.

Agile Process
We run all projects using an agile approach. We excel at being proactive and will always advise on the best way of you achieving your goal. The result is a more reliable, comfortable and faster process – with better results.

Ongoing Support
Beyond the launch of your website, we’re here to continue supporting you whether it be with virtual or in-person training sessions, responding to queries about how to best use and market your website or to help grow your website through the addition of new features such as social media.

Included From £495.00 From £695.00
Bespoke Design YES YES
Logo Design X YES
Editable pages & images YES YES
Editable slideshow X YES
Fully editable (gallery, news, events, etc.) YES YES
Mobile Optimised? YES YES
Email 5 Unlimited
Pages 6 Up to 25
Search engine optimised website Basic Advanced
Search engine optimised web addresses Basic Advanced
Moving homepage images YES YES
Free Support 1 Hour per month 4 Hours per month
Google Maps YES YES
Monitor your hits (Google Analytics) X YES
Contact form (received through email) YES YES
Email set up on mobile devices X YES
Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc) YES YES

To make things easier for you, we have created an optional monthly package to help your new website run smoothly this package includes up to one hour of website amendments per month, a monthly site wide back up, four website updates which include security & plugins and we will update you every two weeks with your site stats, subscription numbers, woo commerce stats and any other information that is relevant to your business’s website. This service costs just £40 per month.

Initial optimization £???

Although we implement key wording and S.E.O while creating your website there is only so much we can do from the information you supply us with. Our full initial optimization service allows us to research your chosen market, see where your competitors are excelling and implement the search engine optimization to your website.

Monthly ongoing optimization £???

Search engine optimization isn’t just a one of thing, although it is crucial to initially optimize your website it is just as important to continue to do so. Ensuring that your website remains as highly ranked by search engines such as google as possible. This intern will ensure that more potential customers will see and arrive at your website.

In today’s world having a social media presence is essential with an estimated 1.28 Billion people logging into Facebook daily and around 4.5 Billion pieces of content shared every day!

Internet research shows that 42% of businesses report that Facebook is critical or important to their business. although the statistics show that it is a crowded marketplace you cant afford to miss out on an advertising opportunity like this because the odds of your competition already being there are fairly high!

We feel that the key is to use your Facebook marketing correctly ensuring that your efforts, pictures and posts stand out from the crowed.


Initial set up £145  Re-brand £85 this includes:

1. Your company branded Facebook page.
2. Facebook page header image, Including artwork.
3. Profile picture.
4. Connection to website blog.
5. 8 Facebook status’s / Blog posts (with links)
6. 1 week of paid advertising. (Targeted)

We also offer a Monthly social media management service, this includes four blog posts which will be posted to all of your social media subscriptions with links back to your website to increase traffic flow (Content supplied by you or the website) and one advert promotion including art work, design and cover photo. This is from £25 per month.

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